Cureill Pharma


Cureill is a research and development oriented contract manufacturer and committed to provide innovative and unique formulations with up to the mark quality products in health & wellness segment. Founded in 2014, we at Cureill ensure to deliver superior quality Neutraceutical products that are manufactured under regulated latest techniques of science and manufacturing technology.

Our Nutraceutical ingredients are clinically tested and they are designed to deliver maximum benefit as dietary supplements. Using advance nutritional technology and by looking at the market needs, we cater an extensive portfolio of all natural and effective ingredients providing better health and wellness in a wide range of condition-specific claim areas.

  • We deliver our products in shortest possible time as per your batch size providing you flexibility to market it faster.
  • We provide a wide range of ready formulations that may help you market the products quickly.
  • You can easily build your nutraceutical business and leaving product development and manufacturing hassles with us.
  • You can handover the responsibility of developing a safe and effective formulation to us.
  • You save huge costs of formulation and product development.
  • You save investment on teams of research & development, packaging development, quality control and assurance etc.
  • You can start small with reasonable MOQs in standard packaging.
  • Pcod Supplements
  • Meal Replacement
  • Sports Management Products
  • Multivitamins & Multiminerals Supplement
  • Protein Supplements
  • Pregnant & Lactating Mothers
  • Weight Management Product
  • Uti Supplements
  • Bone & Joint Health


Nutraceutical tablets is our core strength with our state of the art facilities we can cater all types of customer requirements for tablets. Our high-speed tablet coating equipment enables us to spray both clear and color film coatings.


We have the latest high-speed encapsulation machines designed to produce capsules with the exact required specification. Available body and cap: gelatin or vegetable-based, two-piece hard-shell capsules.


We Provide syrup with different ingredients like Multivitamin, Multimineral, B-Complex, Lysine, Iron, Enzyme, Zinc, Protein and with plant extracts.


We produce a wide variety of powder formulations including, herbal drink mixes, flavored vitamin & mineral blends and protein powders. Flavors: As per the requirements like Chocolate, Dark chocolate, Butter scotch, Vanilla, Cardamom, Kesar, Elaichi, Mava badam, Strawberry and Mango.

Sr. NoComposition
01Ferrous acerbate eq. to iron 100 mg and folic acid 1.5 mg tablet
02Calcium carbonate 1250 mg and vitamin D3 250 IU tablet
03Alphalipoic acid 100mg, Methylcobalamine 1.5 mg, vitamin B1 10 mg, pyridoxine 3 mg and folic acid 1.5 mg tablet/capsule
05Ferrous fumarate 152 mg, folic acid 750 mcg and zinc 22,5 mg tablet /capsule
06Ferrous fumarate 300 mg, folic acid 1.5 mg, zinc 22.5 mg & vitamin B12 10 mcg tablet/capsule
07Folic acid 5 mg tablet
08Antioxidant, multivitamin and multimineral tablets/capsule
09Antioxidant, multivitamin, multimineral with ginseng tablet/capsule
10DHA 100  mg and folic acid 5 mg tablet/capsule
11Riboflavin 10mg, folic acid 5 mg, niacinamide 100 mg and lactic acid bacillus 10 mg tablet/capsule
12Methylcobalamine 1.5 mg , DHA 200 mg and folic acid 5 mg tablet /capsule
13Methylcobalamine 1.5 mg, vitamin B6 10 mg & folic acid 5 mg tablet /capsule
14Methylcobalamine 750 mcg, vitamin B6 10 mg, folic acid 5 mg tablet /capsule
15Biotin 5 mg, folic acid 5 mg and zinc 22.5 mg tablet/ capsule
16Biotin, vitamin, amino acid and mineral tablets /capsule
17Calcium citrate maleate 1250 mg and vitamin D3 tablet
18Co-enzyme Q10 with NAC 100 mg /200 mg/300mg tablet
19Co-enzyme Q10 capsule
20Methylcobalamine, folic acid, l-glutamic acid, l-arginine & Benfotiamine tablet/capsule
21Enzyme syrup
22Calcium + D3 suspension
23Lycopene with multivitamin & minerals syrup
24B-complex syrup
25Ferrous ascorbate syrup
26Ferric ammonium citrate + vitamin B12 and folic acid syrup
27Pre & probiotic with l-glutamine capsule
28Spirullina with multivitamin and minerals capsule
29Carbonyl iron, folic acid, zinc, b12 capsule
30Glucosamine sulphate, MSM with diacerin tablet /capsule
31Protein powder
32Dextrose, vitamin c and zinc powder (energy drink)
33Vitamin C chewable tablet
34Amino acid with b-complex capsule (use natural capsule)
35Calcium chewable tablet