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Pepclin vaginal capsule is a combination medicine that is used for the syndromic treatment of vaginal discharge. It fights against infection by stopping the growth of infection-causing microorganisms. It also prevents the further spread of the infection.

Pepclin vaginal capsule is to be used as per the label instructions or as suggested by your doctor. This medicine is only for vaginal application. You must wash your hands before and after using it. It is best to use this at bedtime regularly to get the most benefit. If there is any accidental exposure of the medicine to the eyes or mouth, you must wash immediately. For better efficacy of the medicine, the course of the treatment should be completed even if you feel better. Do not use it more than the recommended dose.

Pepclin vaginal capsule leads to a few common side effects like mild irritation and burning sensation at the application site. If these side effects do not improve with time or worsen, inform your doctor. In case of any allergic reactions (rashes, itching, swelling, shortness of breath, etc.), it is advised to call for immediate medical help.

Product Uses:

  • Syndromic treatment of vaginal discharge

Key Benefits:

In syndromic treatment of vaginal discharge

Vaginal infections can lead to symptoms such as an increase in the quantity of vaginal discharge or a change in color. It can also cause a foul smell, itching, or irritation in the vagina. These symptoms can be embarrassing as well as bothersome. Pepclin vaginal capsule helps in effectively managing these symptoms by killing the organisms responsible for causing an infection of the vagina. Besides using pepclin vaginal capsule, always maintain good personal hygiene to avoid any vaginal infection.

Direction for use/dosage:

  • As directed by the physician