Cureill Pharma

Oral Liquid

Oral liquid dosage forms are solutions, syrups, suspensions, elixirs and concentrates. The added benefits over capsules or pills are that it is easy to swallow for the people who find it difficult in capsules or tablets and it provides more flexible dosage control than a fixed-dose tablet. However, the common problems are like the stability of the drug in solution, the solubility of the drug at the required concentration and the acceptability of the taste. With our technical expertise to overcome the challenges through the effective use of excipients to modify the behavior and properties of the formulation without impeding the efficacy of the API.

Our oral liquid development and manufacturing includes

  1. Solutions
  2. Elixirs
  3. Suspensions
  4. Syrups
  5. Pediatric drops
  6. Emulsions
  7. Flavoring and taste masking
  8. Sugar-free syrups